Oktopusas diving center

Oktopusas Diving Center is located next to Plateliai Yacht Club and can always provide the following services:

  • Information about diving sites
  • Underwater guide assistance,
  • Rent and sell of equipment,
  • Air filling, Nitrox
  • CMAS, PADI, Tec Rec courses
  • Discover scuba diving in Plateliai lake
  • Children and youth camps
  • Stand up paddle boards „SUP“

The rescue workers are on duty during the high season.
For those who arrive we advise where to stay, to have a bath or taste brandy dishes of Plateliai. We are ready to help you 24 hours a day.

Plateliai Lake is the largest lake of Žemaitija. Its area is 1210 ha. The length of the lake is 8.4 km and the width is 3.3 km. Maximum depth is 50 m and an average depth is 10.4 m. There are 7 islands in the lake: Briedsalė, Pliksalė, Gaidsalė etc. There are 17 small rivers flowing into the lake: Juodupis, Kunigupis etc.  Just one Babrungas river flows out from it. Even in the summer the water’s temperature in the depths is less than 10 C0.

Diving sites

Yachtclub- there is a shallow depth, a lot of vegetation, young fishes of different species. You can see the pikes, tenches, perch and sometimes eels. This place is convenient for beginner divers as well as for the night diving lovers. Good for navigation training. Visibility in high season from 3-10 meters. Maximum depth is around 8m. Perfect for check dives, and for training.

Bridge – the remains of XV century’s bridge being scattered  from the Pilies island to Šventorkalnis can be seen at the depth of 11 m. There are a lot of perch and pikes swimming around the bridge poles. A team of whitefishes can also be seen there. One of the most visiting dive site of recreational divers. Very easy and interesting dive.



A girl of deepness. The bank’s scarp goes under the water vertically up to 20 m depth, and continue to go deeper in the water slowly. Burbots and crawfishes can be often seen near the scarp in the cages. The water on the depth is always clear and cold up to 10 C0. It is recommended to have the dive light with you.
The diving sites begins on the western band of Pilies island, when the depth of 8 m is reached, you can see a lot of sunken branches richly covered with the sinks. Here you will see a lot of perch and pikes swimming around. A little bit away from the island we will reach the helicopter`s crash place where several helicopter’s wrecks and small details remind the disaster. You can see the remains of fishermen`s boats and trees near the island. There is especially lot of perch here in the autumn. A few years ago, during the exploration of this route, the Bonn Queen`s sculpture was found. Nowadays it still saves Plateliai lake and is called "Gelmių mergelė" (The girl of deepness). Diving at this site allows going down to 20 m. depth.

Cross –Kryžiavonės hill rises from the middle of the lake from the depth of 30 m. to 2 m. It is really difficult route because there is a total darkness at high depth there, the water’s temperature is only 5 C0, there are very big burbots’ caves and an abrupt scarp. On 04 June 2005 brothers Pranciškonai (Pranciscones) together with diving center ‘Oktopusas’ built a cross of 4 m height with suffering Jezus sculpture at 16 m depth. This route is one of the most interesting on Plateliai lake and is dedicated to experienced divers.


"Gervazas" sunk on 05 August 2004 in unknown circumstances. The yacht was being prepared for repair, but at night it torn off from anchor, drifted to the lake before the wind and began to sink. It was still seen early in the morning, but about 7 AM it sunk. The yacht lies on the straight keel, its nose is directed to  the northeast, at the depth of 26 meters. There is a sail on the stem, the cabin is open and the word GERVAZAS is seen on the left side. This route is for experienced divers, because the deep depth, cold and darkness require good theoretical and practical preparation.

The diving route "Yacht" starts from the hill (only 1.5 m depth) that is located about 200 meters to the East from Veršių island, allowing you to see a group of perch and large hakes on the slopes. The yacht is seen from the distance because it lies at the depth of 15 m where the water is usually clear and cold. It is great place for middle level divers who is training to get more experience in wreck diving.