Equipment service

The equipment’s maintenance

We perform the diving equipment’s technical maintenance and repair:

  1. The change of the repair kit of the first stage (balancing).
    2. The change of the repair kit of the first stage (non-balancing).
    3. Regulator’s inspection, pressure check, drying.
    4. Regulator’s disassembly, oiling, saddles’ replacement, drying, adjusting of the pressure’ and 2nd stage.
    5. The change of the gauge’s intermediate.
    6. The change of the mouthpiece
    7. The change of the computer’s battery.
    8. The cylinder’s visual inspection, the change of intermediate, drying.
    9. Suit’s repair:
  • a) gluing;
  • b) patching;
  • c) sewing; 
  1. BCD inflator’s repair.
    11. Swim fins’ buckles’ repair.
    12. The change of the dry suit’s cuffs:
  • a) of the neck cuff;
  • b) of the hand cuff
  1. The change of the vest copula’s intermediate.
    14. Dive light testing
    15. The change of the light’s battery
    16. Cylinder’s valve’s repair
    17. Cylinder’s valve’s cleaning and assembly with NITORX-compliant intermediates.
    18. The compressor’s air filter replacement.
    19. The compressor’s repair