Wreck Anna Katrina Fritzen


Ship`s index: Nr. Ship 25 (w-25)


Ship`s type: steamship, cargo ship (hospital ship PHÖNIX)

Information: 676-677Brutto-Reg-T

Ship`s view:

Description: Between Klaipeda and Juodkrante.

Building date and place: 1910, Johannes Fritzen, Emden und Stettin

Drowned: 1942. 07.05/1944.11.21 “Phönix“

Drowning conditions:Destroyed by soviet submarine T/Щ320 smashed with hospital ship “Grenzland”. Burned and fusilladed, totally destroyed.

Place where ship lies: Deep around ship: 17-17.5 meters. Near ship deep is 22-24meters, above ship 18.5-18meters.

Body was found 2002-05-22 with Swedish ship “Nils Strömcrona”. Searched with main sonar. While exploring square there were used deferent sonar and video camera (2002-05-23).

Information about explorations: During expedition ship`s length was measured (about 30 meters). Ship with metal body was badly damaged (maybe from explosion). There is anchor`s chain and net with fish (it got here not long ago).

Means to save ship:

Before each dive divers must be informed about ship`s saving importance. They must be warned not to touch and not to lift things from water. Divers must have passed PADI wreck diver courses that is set for ship`s saving and safety diving near drowned ships.

Remarks: Ships was identified by Arunas Vainoras guess.

Sources and literature: 1982 sea map MROPLIT 97

Made by Vladas zulkus 2001-01-18; 2002-05-27

Specified by Arunas Vainora.