Wreck Bomber

Bomber A-1

Ship index: Nr. plane A-1

Ship name: unknown

Ship type: 2 motor-plane

Information: unknown

Description: none

Construction date and place: unknown

Crash date: unknown

Crash conditions: unknown

Information about plane: Soviet`s transporter with 2 engines.

Place where ship lies: about 6 nautical to west from Juodkrante. Depth about 38 meters. Bottom is sandy.

Body was found 2003.05.22 with ship “Nils Stromcrona” using main and deferent sonar.

Information about exploration: during 1 st MKOPLIT operation Swedish diver dived and examined the plane.

Sources and literature:

1982 sea map MCOPLIT 97

Made by: Vladas Zulkus 2001-01-18

Refilled by: Arunas Vainora 2003-10-11