Wreck W-32


Ships index: Nr. ship 32(W-32)

Ships name: Unknown

Ships type: Unknown

information: length – apie 75 m, plotis – apie 8,5 m

ships view: Sonar photo

Description: to West from Klaipeda port gate. around – about 22 m deep.

Drown date: it has exploded in 1942-1945 m.

Drowning conditions: Exploded because of a torpedo or a bomb that hit amunation depot.

Place where ship lies: Bottom is sandy. Ship lies on bottom and front is orientated to east. Nose is above bottom more than 3 m. One anchor is in hawse, other one near – chain has fallen from hawse. The rear of ship is drowned in sand.. Only 3-3.5 metersof front is visible now. All other part has fallen over left broadside. Bottom with rib has left ,in the ship is stone and macadam ballast. There is a part of forecastle with broken illuminator , winch, block for rope or cable, large metal dump. There are lots of 25cm diameter pipes parts around and something similar to boiler. Near left broadside, closer to front of ship, in ship was found metlach stick with cement grout. Under it is a marker: H letter in circle and words: “MADE IN BELGIUM ”.

Body finding date: found with “ALTAIR” sonar in 2001-07-25

Information about exploration: found using “ALTAIR” sonar, dived 2001-07-26 ( E. Ezerinskis , V. zulkus), 2001-07-26 (E. Ezerinskis, Kl. Perminas, V. zulkus, Paulina Bokiniec, Michal Celarek) and 2001-08-03 (( E. Ezerinskis , R. Kraniauskas).

Means to save ship:

Before each dive divers must be informed about ship`s saving importance. They must be warned not to touch and not to lift things from water. Divers must have passed PADI wreck diver courses that is set for ship`s saving and safety diving near drowned ships.

Sources and literature: 1982 m. seamap; “ALTAIR”

Made by : V. Zulkus, 2001-01-21; refilled V. Zulkus 2001-08-05, A. Vainoras (divers club “Oktopus”) 2001-08-20.

Refilled by Arunas Vainora 2003.10.11