Wreck U-580


Ship`s index: Nr. Ship 16 (w-16)

Ship`s name: U-580

Ship`s type: VIIC Germans submarine

Information: capacity (tonnage) – 769(above water), 871 (under water), total -1070; length (m)– 67,1 (50,5); width – 6,2/4,7; gauge-4,74; aukštis-9,6; power (AJ)-3200(above water), 750(under water); speed (nautical)–17,7/7,6; torpedoes-14, 4/1 torpedoes; mines-26; deck cannon-88/45; crew-44-52; max. depth-about 220m.

Ship`s view: Photo after launching to water

Description:. near Klaipėda. about 3 nautical to West from territory water, in 40-42 m deep

Building date and place: Blohm&Voß, Hamburg. Launched to water. 1940-08-31. Provided 1941-07-24 (Gįünther Kuhlmann). Owed to 5 th fleet.

Drowned: 1941.11.11

Drowning conditions: : During trainings smashed to commercial ship “Angelburg”. 12 of crew died and the other 32 were resqued.

Means to save ship:

Before each dive divers must be informed about ship`s saving importance. They must be warned not to touch and not to lift things from water. Divers must have passed PADI wreck diver courses that is set for ship`s saving and safety diving near drowned ships.

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